The Challenge

A Watertown, MA-based biotech company was rapidly expanding operations. Their existing water system was becoming a bottleneck as demand for high purity water consistently exceeded the existing system’s capacity. The customer requested a new, larger ultrapure water system to match the company’s growth requirements and a new loop to accompany the upgraded high purity water system.

As a growing biotech firm with exceptionally stringent quality requirements, the company required ASTM Type 1a water for laboratory points of use. Separate points of use for humidification feed would require reverse osmosis (RO) water instead of the higher quality water fed to laboratory faucets.

Our Solution

Atlas High Purity designed a versatile ultrapure water system to provide ASTM Type 1a water to recirculating laboratory faucets and RO water to humidifiers. Atlas provided a turnkey solution to include an entirely new loop and all electrical connections to the high purity water equipment. The solution has both containment and leak detection alarm/shut off to protect against leaks.

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Atlas guaranteed the system’s production of the specified water ASTM Type 1a quality. Preventative maintenance for the first year of operation was included with the system purchase. As with all Atlas service customers, maintenance contracts include our Same-Day Emergency Response Guarantee, which ensures that our customers’ critical systems receive the fastest response times in the industry.