The Challenge

A biotechnology company based in Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA) recently moved to a new facility. Atlas had previously installed a central high purity water system at the company’s new facility, providing laboratory grade water to various points-of-use. As the company expanded, they developed a requirement for ultrapure water for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at one point of use. The HPLC application demanded a slightly higher quality of water from what the central system had been designed to provide. Additionally, the company wanted local, calibratable monitoring technologies to ensure that the water quality at the point-of-use consistently exceeded the standards required for the HPLC application. While many laboratory polisher OEMs offer point-of-use polishers with TOC instrumentation, the company sought a highly accurate instrument capable of being calibrated on site.

Our Solution

Atlas worked with the company’s facilities personnel to design a point-of-use polisher for the HPLC application to further polish the high purity water and add critical monitoring technologies to the point-of-use. The solution ultimately included ultrapure deionization (DI) cartridges, ultraviolet light (UV), and 0.05 micron ultrafilters, and premium online monitoring for resistivity and TOC from Thornton/Mettler Toledo. Atlas’s team of professional installers completed all required plumbing work to bring the newly polished water to the point-of-use.

The result is a reliable polishing station that is continuously monitored to ensure that the water quality required for HPLC is consistently exceeded.