The Challenge

A growing biotech company in greater Boston was relocating to a new facility and required an ultrapure water system. The new facility would also require new “loop” plumbing to distribute the high purity water to a variety of different applications and points of use. The company reached out to Atlas High Purity requesting a system that could consistently provide over 600 gallons per day of ultrapure water with the following quality specifications:

  • Bacteria < 10 CFU/ml
  • Endotoxin < 0.25 EU/ml
  • Resistivity > 18 megohms
  • TOC < 500 ppb
  • 1 GPM of consistent flow to each individual point of use

The customer also requested the ability to remotely monitor the system. Due to equipment location, costs associated with leaks were high and the customer also required remote notification for any alarms from the required leak detection system.

Our Solution

Atlas designed and installed a turnkey solution to include a reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) (or “RODI”) system meeting all customer specifications, GF polypro loop feeding each required point of use, and remote monitoring capability.

Ultrapure water system

The system included containment and leak detection to prevent any potential leak damage. Atlas’ solution included alarm notifications sent to key site personnel via email and/or text message.

Atlas’ maintenance program (1st year included with equipment purchase) ensured that customer quality requirements were consistently monitored and exceeded.