The Challenge

A premier biotech manufacturing facility was experiencing higher than normal bacteria counts (as measured by CFU/ml). The problem was heightened during the summer months when temperatures in its ultrapure water loop distribution frequently escalated. It became apparent that loop velocity was inadequate and the existing UV was under-sized for the loop flow rate.

Our Solution

Atlas sized pumps to maintain proper velocity of reverse osmosis (RO) water through the 2″ line. Grundfos CRNE series pumps were selected, which included integrated VFDs. An over-sized Aquafine CSL series 254nm UV was selected for continuous disinfection. New exchange deionization (DI) tanks loaded with ResinTech MBD 15 LTOC were added to accommodate for the increased flow. Finally, absolute sub-micron final filtration was added for post treatment after the DI tanks. The increased velocity and UV dosage have resolved the bacteria issues and the end user is satisfied with the solution.