The Challenge

For the past several years, as the world works to keep COVID-19 at bay, the use of and demand for disinfecting sprays, hand sanitizers, and air-bound sprays has dramatically increased. Most of these disinfectant products have one ingredient in common – deionized water. Atlas High Purity was approached by a start-up company in the disinfectant space. The company’s proprietary ingredient blend required consistent supply of high resistivity deionized water. The required volume of deionized water was enough to justify an RO system for pretreatment to prolong the life of SDI tanks. The company sought Atlas High Purity’s expertise in designing a simple yet reliable system to meet quality and production requirements.

Our Solution

The Atlas High Purity team designed an RODI system capable of generating large quantities of deionized water while keeping quality consistent at a manageable cost. The system was delivered on time, which allowed the company to begin their manufacturing process without any delays (despite an extremely challenging supply chain). Atlas High Purity’s Project Management Team was also able to secure the needed equipment and install the equipment within 3 weeks from the time of purchase to system start up. With their new RODI system in place and performing according to requirements, the customer produces their proprietary disinfectant at high volumes and has plans to open additional facilities nationwide.