The Challenge

A southern New England-based pharmaceutical company required ASTM Type 1 water for laboratory applications. Low flow rates at multiple points of use were required. The company desired a turnkey solution from high purity water generation to distribution with guaranteed water quality at each point of use.

Our Solution

Atlas High Purity’ HydroPass® system was a great match for the customer’s application. Atlas’ HydroPass® product line includes low flow pressurized reverse osmosis (RO) systems as well as line pressure ROs. In this case, Atlas was able to generate the required RO permeate flow rate using a line pressure RO system. The resulting solution was cost effective, practical, and met all customer water quality requirements.

Atlas’ staff includes licensed plumbers who expertly completed the loop installation. Recirculating faucets were provided at each point of use. The system includes leak detection shut off valves and containment.