The Challenge

A Boston-based pharmaceutical company required low flow rates of ASTM type 1 water. At the same time, the facility also required reverse osmosis (RO) water for stability chambers. Due to the feed water quality requirements for the stability chambers, the RO had to be fed via a dedicated line as the high-resistivity deionized (DI) water in the loop would be outside of the resistivity/conductivity spec for these units. The customer requested a turnkey solution with a single water system feeding both laboratory sinks and stability chambers.

Our Solution

An Atlas HydroPass® was the perfect solution. Offering a compact footprint and serviceable layout, the solution provides approximately 1 GPM of ASTM type 1 water. Atlas modified the unit to also deliver RO water directly to stability chambers ensuring. Where most manufacturers would require two different systems to supply each point of use, Atlas engineered a single unit to provide both water qualities. The result is a flexible central water system supplying two different water quality specifications to two separate applications from a single system. Non-proprietary consumables ensure that total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum. The solution included containment and leak detection shut off valves to prevent damage in the event of a leak.