The Challenge

A New England-based medical device manufacturer required a deionization polishing system to supply 120 GPM of deionized water throughout their facility for multiple applications and points of use. The polishing system was fed by an existing reverse osmosis (RO) system. The space available for the equipment was very limited. Installing a system of this capacity would require detailed engineering work to ensure that all equipment fit perfectly into the proposed space and could be delivered in pieces to the room via various service clearances throughout the building.

Our Solution

Atlas designed a customized solution that includes duplex pumps, redundant PLCs, 42 CUFT “Jumbo” deionization tanks, disinfection and TOC reduction UVs, a 1000-gallon nitrogen-blanketed storage tanks and 0.2 micron absolute-rated final filters. ¬†Using SolidWorks, Atlas engineered the system to fit squarely into the limited available space.

Equipment was pre-piped and skid mounted prior to delivery to the site. Atlas’s technicians completed all necessary piping and connections on site in order to connect the system to the existing loop piping.