Water to meet the strictest standards

When water is critical to hospital and laboratory outcomes

In hospital settings, water is critical for many functions including research, labs, and sterilization of equipment. Each of these departments relies on properly installed and maintained high purity water systems to ensure the health and safety of both patients and staff.

Sterile Processing Department (SPD)

Atlas High Purity Water has various purified water solutions for all critical rinse applications, including central RO/DI water systems and distribution loops to feed washer disinfectors or small under the counter systems for departments requiring a compact point of use solution.

Our extensive knowledge, range of products and full-service support in meeting AAMI TIR34 and ST108 requirements is valuable for any healthcare facility.


From research and analysis to clinical diagnostics and micro testing, laboratories require highly purified water.

Atlas supplies industry-leading central and point of use water systems that meet the various stringent requirements of laboratory environments.

Atlas provides full-service maintenance contracts, 24/7 emergency support, and extensive technical expertise for your new or existing lab water systems.

Central RO systems

During the design and engineering phase of facility builds or retrofits, it is critical to plan your central water systems along with the distribution piping system.

In partnership with consultants, engineers, architects and mechanical groups, Atlas can provide expertise and support resulting in a turnkey purified water system.

Additional healthcare applications

We’ve got you covered when it comes to healthcare water systems

Lab Systems

Atlas High Purity Water assists in the design, manufacture, and installation of central and point of use laboratory water and distribution piping systems. This includes supporting ASTM Type I – IV, CLSI/CRLW, USP, and more.

Atlas also provides on-site service and technical support. We can assist with installation, testing, disinfection, and calibration. In addition, we offer preventative maintenance contracts and 24/7 emergency service.


Atlas High Purity Water can design, build, and install water systems for single or multi-scope re-processors to provide final rinse water that is free from any bacteria. Our extensive expertise can help your facility avoid disruptions with endoscope reprocessing.

Partnering directly with the Northeast hospital facilities as well as scope reprocessing manufacturers, Atlas is able to meet a wide range of requirements to ensure the best fit for your application.


Humidification plays a major role in the quality of a facility’s environment and is vital to the safety and comfort of patients. Atlas High Purity Water assists with the design and manufacture of water systems for humidification purposes.

The Atlas team partners with your engineering and facilities management groups to design a humidification water system for your requirements. Additionally, our team of field service technicians provides ongoing maintenance support.

Let's talk high purity water systems

We are dedicated to supporting facilities across the Northeast in the expert operation of critical high purity water systems.

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Frequently asked questions

Further information regarding our capabilities

  • Do you offer maintenance contracts for our equipment?

    Yes, we offer maintenance contracts for high purity water systems. This includes both legacy water systems as well as newly installed water systems. We customize preventative maintenance programs that will ensure your critical water systems are running efficiently and meeting all water quality standards.

  • Do you provide system design and consultation services?

    The Atlas High Purity Water team has decades of experience designing critical high purity water systems. Working alongside your engineers, contractors, and facilities teams, we can help you plan out a system that meets all your required specifications.

  • What product lines do you support?

    Atlas supports a wide range of high purity water systems and equipment. This includes pretreatment, filtration, ultraviolet (UV), reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI), and related instrumentation. We are a channel partner for equipment from SUEZElga, and Aquafine, and are capable of servicing high purity water equipment from all major OEM brands.

  • Do you offer 24x7 emergency response?

    Yes, our team is built to provide 24/7 assistance to our service customers. Many of our customers operate with critical high purity water systems that require zero downtime. As such, we have technicians on-call 24/7 for whenever emergency issues arise. Our agile and responsive team will be ready whenever you need us.

  • What water quality standards can your systems meet?

    The high purity water systems that we install can be designed to meet a wide range of water quality standards, including ASTM Type I, II, III, IV, CLSI/CLRW, USP, and TIR34/ST108. Let us know your requirements and we can ensure that your water system is built for the task.