Customized Design and Installation

Atlas HPS designs, builds, and installs all of our water purification systems and piping ourselves, using our own licensed plumbers and highly-trained staff. Whether we build the entire system on-site or install a prefabricated system, every aspect will be up to current plumbing and electrical code, with the highest level of workmanship. Atlas will work with your in-house engineer, lab or facilities director, or contractor to develop a custom-designed high purity water solution that fits your space requirements and water quality specifications.

High Purity Water Quality Capabilities

Atlas HPS reverse osmosis, deionization (RODI) water purification systems meet NCCLS, USP-PW and USP-WIFI high purity water quality standards.  We also offer GMP-compliant, closed loop, validated and water-reclaim "green" systems.  Every system is engineered to consistently provide the level of purity your business demands, from 20 gallons per day to 60 gallons per minute.

Maintenance and Service Programs

High purity filtration systems require strict maintenance practices to ensure consistent and reliable water quality. Atlas High Purity Solutions has a team of rigorously trained maintenance technicians, to provide the highest level of service and knowledge to keep your high purity water system operating in peak form. Our service team is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address any emergency repairs.